Brick by Brick (by brick)!

September 28 2022 – Jamie Blahun

Brick by Brick (by brick)!

Brick by Brick (by brick)!

No matter what new venture you are starting out on, there is only one way to get there - brick by brick by brick.

So if that’s true, why aren’t we more confident and relaxed instead of panicked, fearful and stressed?

I admit that at first when I was writing this I thought the answer was simple but it’s actually a little more messy than I first thought

We pretty much all carry around a very neatly packed and curated bag of hang ups and self doubts and fears that we have gathered along the way and popped in there.

We don’t want to care about what others think (duh!) but we still do.

We don’t want to compare ourselves - easier said than done!

And we really don’t want to fail.

And since we typically aren’t even really clear on what “failing” actually is…or isn’t….ok let’s just start there.

Failing is not a lower grade than you hoped for. Failing is….not taking the test at all. 

And if that sounds too cheesy for you you’re just going to have to get over the cheese factor because it’s true!!

The bigger problem is not failing, it’s not understanding what so called ‘failing’ even is.

The real F word.

And it’s much more of an illusion then it is even real. And until we retrain that belief, tell ourselves something different, replace a lie with truth - we will never overcome our fear.

It is literally going to take feeling fear and doing it anyway! (Like me writing a blog!) 

So then how do we get to where we want to go?

Brick by brick. That’s how! In writing a blog I just start with a thought then I write a word and another and another. Starting is literally the only way to get there. Sounds obvious but starting is often the scariest thing in the world when you are where you are looking at where you want to be with no clue of how little ol you is ever gonna get there!
Tell that to Adrian Smith.

In Dubai stands the tallest building in the world- from the ground to the tip of it is 830 metres!! That is a whopping 2,723 feet!!!

It measures an astonishing 3,331,100 sq ft!!

Can you even imagine the architect Adrian Smith standing on that empty plot of earth imagining such a thing could ever possibly come to pass?!

He did not wiggle his nose or wave a magic wand. He knew it was going to happen and how? - one piece at a time- that’s how. And today people go from all over the world to marvel at its magnificence!

You make your goal. You plan out how you can get to your goal. You take actionable steps to get to your goal. But then you put your eyes on what? The one piece that is in front of you NOW.

If we fill our head with all the many things that could go wrong between now and then we will never start.

“It’s. Just. Too. Big.” Can you hear it? 

BUT if we put our eyes on what is right in front of us, the ONE THING we can do now that will get us one step closer, then one day we will look up- and like the builders of the Burj Khalifa- (WAY UP!)- and see that “brick by brick” by brick- we did it!!!

So what if it takes longer to get there or is messier than we thought it would be.

That IS NOT failure- that is called the process.

Failure is being too afraid to begin and letting that be our path.

Oh I totally get all the what ifs- I was the what if girl! I almost drove my poor mother batty with all my what ifs until one day while pressing her slacks she put down her iron turned to look at my 10 year old self and said “and Jamie, what if the sky falls in?”

Good one mom!

I was slightly annoyed at her cheeky response and also wondering “Can the sky actually fall in??”
Well! Can it??! 🤣

But that should help you dear reader to know I soooo get it! You are not alone! 

Being thoughtful in planning, counting the cost, using wisdom - all great and necessary things! But if you’re anything like I was we could all do without the sky is gonna fall in kinda what ifs amen?

It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be smooth. Count on that- pretty sure you already factored that into the equation (in a random sorta way- like stuff happens kinda way) but count on it not being a straight line up. Grass grows best in the valleys though so there’s that. 

And by the way, on the journey feel free to cry, scream, want to quit, all of the (harmless) things. All of that is probably also necessary and honestly therapeutic.

And then when you’re done (I suggest setting a timer -for real) pick up your “brick” and get building! There is much to do- ONE brick at a time. 
-Jamie Xx




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