Change Can Be Beautiful

August 25 2021 – Jamie Blahun

Change Can Be Beautiful

Change Can Be Beautiful

I hate fall.

That’s what I use to say to myself every year. It always just felt like the end of the best thing (summer!) and the lead up to the worst thing (cold!!)

As beautiful as I thought fall was, as much as I loved the smell of autumn leaves and the crisp air- I could not bring myself to look forward to it. To embrace it. To want it.

That’s the part I decided this year to overcome.

There are just some things in this life that even though they may be beautiful and even necessary are still just really hard to want. To embrace.

To look forward to.

But my new decision to love and embrace and look forward to fall is going to help me to love, embrace and look forward to another change in my life.

My sweet daughter Faith leaves home this week to go off to university.

She is moving into her own apartment.

Faith is my “summer”

Maybe it sounds cheesy but I am cheesy - and it’s true.

She’s the beautiful, warm, sunshine that I have been blessed to have a 21 year season of!

But now…fall.

A new season.

For her AND for me.

And just like fall, this new season is beautiful.

It is exciting and full of all of its own colours and glory.

That’s just how life is isn’t it?

For me, learning to love each season- deciding to love each season for it’s own beauty has been the greatest gift I could give myself.

Instead of dreading the end of one, embracing the new one!

It really is a choice. Not always an easy one, but a choice nevertheless.

So ya, even though I know there will be cold days ahead- some stinkin cold days- when those days come I’ll just bundle up and decide to love them too! (ish) 😉

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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