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  • Brick by Brick (by brick)!

    September 28 2022 – Jamie Blahun

    Brick by Brick (by brick)!

    Struggling with fear and self doubt when stepping out of our comfort zone is nothing new- here is something to consider that may help the process…

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  • Change Can Be Beautiful

    August 25 2021 – Jamie Blahun

    Change Can Be Beautiful

    “Nobody likes change but a wet baby” my mom always says. Just like fall, change is coming whether we like it or not- so I decided to not only like it-but love it! 

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  • Know Your Worth In Small Business

    March 09 2021 – Jamie Blahun

    Know Your Worth In Small Business

    Have a hard time pricing your products in your small business? Knowing your worth? Me too! Read about the moment that all changed for me over a $5 difference

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