FULL - Finally Satisfied

September 22 2021 – Jamie Blahun

FULL - Finally Satisfied

FULL - Finally Satisfied

If I ever get the chance/ make the time-to write a book, I think it would be about going from empty to full.

From always being “in want” to satisfied.

Like the kind of satisfied that doesn’t mean you never feel sad, or loss or afraid or have goals or aspirations or desires.

It’s the kind of satisfied that has found it’s home deep inside you that even when you don’t get what you want, you’re still ok.

More than ok.You can still find peace. The constant wanting actually gets replaced.

I spent the first two thirds of my life wanting.In want. Constantly in want!

“The LORD is my Shepherd- I shall not want” psalm 23. You’ve heard it, you know it. Ironic that it’s usually at funerals because it is one of the most life giving sentences ever penned!

One translation says “be in want”

It makes me think of being in a constant state of want. Always wanting. Never satisfied. Never really at peace.

Always needing that next thing to come through.

Never being content.

That’s the real bottom line of the bottom line.

Contentment. The opposite of being in want.

The psalmist writes and it’s the words that precede “I shall not want” that give us the cure to our being in want, living in want dilemma.

Because the LORD is my Shepherd!

That is the answer. That is the cure.

He is the filler of the great chasm of our souls!

He leads me. He cares for me. He feeds me. He fills me.

Because the LORD is my Shepherd I am full.

Never doubt that whether you are just in a funk or in times of deepest longing that the Good Shepherd can and does satisfy every thirst, every hunger, every want until the wanting is no more.

*The bowl of tomatoes and cukes are from my garden. They were overflowing in the bowl! I thought “how perfect” 😘



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